Hairdreams Hair Extentions

How it works

A consultation is the first step during which the precise colour, lengths and structure are discussed. The hair will be ordered specially for your next appointment, when the transformation can begin.

There are two attachment methods:

The Selector Method: Every strand is attached individually by hand. Through this manual process the extensions can be expertly handled and perfectly adjusted.

The LaserbeamerXP System: A method that attaches up to eight strands at a time using a special hairdreams device. This method is much quicker and less expensive. Hairdreams 5 Star hair lasts for five to six months, after which the bonds are treated with a special lotion and loosened so that the bonding remains can be combed out. The procedure is quick, simple and will preserve the quality of your natural hair. The quality of Hairdreams’ 7 Star hair is such that they can be reused and re-bonded. If it is properly cared for, this hair can last for up to 18 months

Hairdreams Hair Extensions

Hairdreams has been a worldwide leading provider of real hair extensions for many years. The Hairdreams philosophy includes a strict quality orientation. Only absolutely healthy, thoroughly tested hair passes the stringent Hairdreams quality control and is subsequently gently refined. The result: excellent hair quality, which has become the Hairdreams “trademark”. Prerequisites for attractive and natural looking hair extensions are the bast quality hair and the best extension system, both typical of Hairdreams. A complimentary consultation will determine the number and length of extensions needed, and which hair system will work best.

The Hair

Hairdreams uses real hair, which is shipped to the UK in accordance with strict ethical guidelines. Hairdreams hair stands out with its healthy and glossy qualities. It comes in two levels, Basic and Special. 5 Star quality Hairdreams Basic: For this, natural dark hair is used. The hair is strong and healthy, to be carefully lightened, refined and coloured for a multitude of looks. 7 Star quality Hairdreams Special: This hand selected hair is of the highest grade European hair in a range of natural colours from black to blonde. This hair is minimally treated to maintain the bounce and gloss required. The quality of this hair is so high it can be reused and worn for up to eighteen months! A complimentary consultation will determine the number and length of extensions needed. Below are guide prices only.


Besides the hair, the actual quality of the bondings is vital for a wonderfully natural and long-lasting result. Standard Bondings are highly durable of a neutral colour. A choice of thickness allows for seamless application to differing hair structures and scalp areas. Comfort Points are a Hairdreams speciality. Ergonomic in form, pleasant to wear and gentle yet strong.

Hair Thickening

Hairdreams also has a revolutionary Hair Thickening system for fine and lank hair, for which a custom solution can be determined to suit the needs, hairtype, facial contours and wishes of client, both male and female.

The Czaro stylists maintain that fine hair lacking in volume seems to be one of the major problems facing women from youth. Hairdreams can offer various methods of hair thickening to combat this complaint, depending on how fine or thin the hair is. Each solution will restore natural fullness and create bountiful, voluminous locks for flirtatious flicking.

Hairdreams Strands

The ideal method for permanent volume and body in fine hair that is more lacklustre than lively. Your hair will be supplemented inconspicuously with individual top quality Hairdreams strands.

hairdreams microlines

Hairdreams MicroLines

This method is best suited to clients who are suffering from advanced hair loss and thinning on the top of the head. Micro fine, virtually invisible special threads are attached to the roots with high grade human hair strands attached to them, and are fully and naturally integrated into existing hair. The extensions are matched in terms of structure and colour. This system is permanently attached.

hairdreams tophair

Hairdreams TopHair

This system is fast, comfortable and flexible. It consists of an innovative, breathable high-tech fabric, which has Hairdreams human hair attached to it. It is integrated into the clients’ own hair on top of the head, making beautifully natural hairstyles possible, with longer and natural fringes or partings. It can be attached permanently or with temporary clips and works best with long but fine hair.

hairdreams highlines

Hairdreams HighLines

This method allows for considerably boosted volume on the top of the head, by adding micro fine special threads which are integrated into the clients’ own hair, plus the extra benefits of such styling effects as low and highlights.